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Important Facts About Stainless Steel Sinks

Different grades of stainless steel:

Today we find stainless steel sinks made out of different “grades” of stainless steel. Even though the standard grade for stainless steel sinks should be chrome 18% and nickel 10% (known as 18/10) there are sinks available with chrome as low as 12% and nickel as low
as 4%, at very low prices or offered as free giveaways, when you get your granite counter top made. Inferior grade sinks and the standard grade sinks both look and weigh the same. It is just not possible for a regular customer to find out if the stainless steel sink is made out of inferior grade steel or not.

When an inferior quality sink is used for some time, the users can see discoloration, stains, and even spots appearing on the sink bowl surface, but by then it is too late. Changing the sink at this time would be a costly exercise, especially in the case of the countertop being granite or marble. Granite counter tops are not cheap. And people don’t replace them every two to three years. So it is not justifiable to gamble with a cheap inferior quality sink with your granite or marble counter top, or end up buying an over priced sink for an exorbitant amount.

The reason one sink is cheaper than the other, is mainly due to companies offering sinks made out of inferior grade stainless steel, except for sink brands which are over priced. When a customer buys an over priced sink, they do not realize they are paying for the brand name and not for the sink.

It’s always better to purchase a stainless steel sink from a recognized company which guarantees the quality and the grade of the stainless steel, and offers a limited life time warranty.

Thickness of the stainless steel:

The industry standard for a household kitchen sink is 18g (gauge) (1.2 mm), but some companies try to confuse customers by offering 16g & 15g. (Thicker steel) stainless steel sinks. Technically, there is no reason to have thick gauge steel sinks for a regular household kitchen. Having a sink thicker than the standard thickness, has no added value to the customer. What is important is the grade of the steel. The thicker gauge only means that it has more metal and it weighs more, which is an extra weight to the drain system and the countertop.

Finish of the sink:

• Mirror like shiny finish - Sinks with this kind of finish will highlight the scratch marks of the sink.

• Heavy brush line finish - Sinks with heavy brush line finish looks crude and unfinished. In some
cases heavy brush lines in the sink bowls are so crude and deep that it can even collect bacteria.

• Unique STELLA finish – This finish is a semi brush finish. This finish would hide the light scratch
marks which occur with the usage of the sink, and it would not show the crude and heavy brush
marks. Instead it will show a modern and elegant finish. This the ideal finish.

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